Arkus Chicken Coop Review

Arkus Chicken Coop Review [INFORMATIVE]

The Arkus Chicken Coop is one of the latest entrants in the backyard poultry market. As urban farming gains popularity, the demand for sturdy, reliable, and functional chicken coops has surged. Does the Arkus Chicken Coop live up to the hype?

We’ve put it to the test, and here’s what we found.

Design and Aesthetics:

At first glance, the Arkus Chicken Coop is a sight to behold. Its wooden finish gives it a rustic appeal, fitting perfectly in both urban and rural settings. The designers seem to have married functionality with style effectively.

The coop’s ergonomic design ensures that every inch is utilized without compromising on the chickens’ comfort.

Space and Capacity:

The coop is advertised to house up to 6 full-sized hens comfortably. Upon testing, this claim holds true. The nesting boxes are spacious, and the roosting bars are placed at varying heights, ensuring that the dominant hens don’t bully the more submissive ones.

Ventilation and Insulation:

One of the standout features of the Arkus Coop is its superior ventilation system. Strategically placed vents ensure a constant flow of fresh air, keeping the coop’s internal environment fresh. The coop also boasts of a layered insulation system, making it suitable for both scorching summers and frosty winters.


The Arkus coop shines in this department. Equipped with predator-proof latches and reinforced wire mesh, it’s evident that the safety of the birds was a top priority during design. An additional automatic door can be installed for enhanced security.

Ease of Cleaning:

The coop comes with a pull-out tray system, making cleaning a breeze. The floor is slightly slanted, ensuring that water runs off and doesn’t pool inside.


Though not its main selling point, the Arkus Coop is surprisingly mobile. It comes with detachable wheels, which, when attached, allow the coop to be moved with ease.

Additional Features:

The coop has a built-in feeding system that reduces food wastage. It also comes with an external egg collection point, negating the need to enter the coop to collect eggs.

Price Point:

Given its features, the Arkus Coop is competitively priced. It offers good value for money, especially when considering its durability and the thoughtfulness of its design.


  • Spacious and comfortable for the hens.
  • Superior ventilation and insulation.
  • Predator-proof features.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Mobile with detachable wheels.


  • Assembly can be challenging for some, requiring more than one person.
  • Might be on the pricier side for beginners.

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Arkus Chicken Coop Review


The Arkus Chicken Coop is a solid choice for both beginners and seasoned poultry keepers. Its design, security features, and ease of maintenance make it stand out in the crowded coop market.

While the assembly might be a bit of a challenge, the end result is worth the effort. If you’re looking for a coop that will last you for years and ensure the safety and comfort of your hens, the Arkus Chicken Coop is a worthy investment.

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