Australorp Chicken Breed Profile – A Personal Experience

When someone mentions the Australorp chicken breed, I’m instantly transported back to my childhood farm. Known for their glossy black feathers and incredible laying abilities, the Australorp breed has always been close to my heart. But what makes them stand out in the world of poultry? Let’s delve into my experience and those of a few fellow Australorp owners.

In the simplest terms, Australorps are the Australian take on the Orpington breed. They’ve gained worldwide fame primarily because of their unparalleled egg-laying talents. An Australorp hen once set a world record by laying 364 eggs in 365 days!

But there’s more to these feathered beauties than just egg production.


The Australorp’s sleek black plumage shines green and violet in direct sunlight, making them a sight to behold. Their eyes are a captivating dark brown, and they possess a single comb that stands tall, tinted in a bright red, much like their wattles and earlobes.


They’re calm and friendly, making them ideal for families, even those with children. I’ve often found my Australorps mingling comfortably with other breeds, showcasing their amiable nature.

Owner Experiences:

  • Linda (★★★★★): “I’ve had Australorps for about three years, and they’re the gentle giants of my coop. Not only are they consistent layers, but their docile nature makes them easy to manage. They’re my kids’ favorites!”
  • Samuel (★★★★): “Great layers and beautiful birds. They can be a tad broody at times, but overall a delightful addition to my backyard flock.”
  • Becky (★★★★★): “I started with two Australorps, and now I have ten! They’re fantastic layers, and their calm demeanor makes them perfect for beginners like me.”
  • Carlos (★★★): “While I appreciate their laying capacity, I’ve had a couple of aggressive Australorps. It might just be my luck, but thought it’s worth sharing.”
  • Mira (★★★★★): “The Australorp’s shiny feathers are an instant attraction. But it’s their friendly nature and laying prowess that made me an Australorp fan for life.”

Health and Care

Australorps are hardy birds and are well-suited for various climates. Regular deworming and protection from external parasites are essential. A balanced diet can ensure they keep laying those prized eggs consistently.

Egg Production

One of the standout attributes of Australorps is their impressive egg production. They lay large, brown eggs, and on average, an Australorp hen will produce about 250 to 300 eggs per year. Given the right care, nutrition, and environment, some hens even exceed this range.

Space and Housing

Australorps, like most chickens, thrive when they have enough space to roam, forage, and stretch their wings. If you’re considering a free-range environment, these birds will undoubtedly appreciate it.

However, they also do well in spacious coops. Always ensure that their housing offers protection from predators and harsh weather conditions.


Australorps have a healthy appetite, which isn’t surprising given their egg-laying prowess. Feed them a high-quality layer feed to ensure they’re getting the necessary nutrients.

Also, providing them with kitchen scraps, worms, and bugs will not only keep them happy but will also supplement their diet.


Australorps are also renowned for their excellent maternal instincts. If you’re considering breeding chickens, an Australorp hen can be a dependable choice. They go broody often and take great care of their chicks.

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Owner Tips

For those considering adding Australorps to their flock, it’s essential to remember:

  1. Social Integration: Introduce Australorps to an existing flock gradually. While they are generally friendly, every bird has its own temperament.
  2. Regular Health Checks: Their dark feathers can sometimes make it challenging to spot external parasites like mites and lice. Regular health checks are crucial.
  3. Entertainment: Australorps are curious birds. Providing them with perches, dust baths, and occasional treats will keep them engaged and happy.

In conclusion, the Australorp breed, with its exceptional laying ability, gentle temperament, and striking appearance, is a perfect choice for both novice and experienced poultry enthusiasts.

From my experience, they’ve been nothing short of delightful, and I believe every coop should boast at least one of these black beauties.

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